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Discover real life studies from around the world of how weighted blankets can improve your wellbeing.

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are an innovative solution originally designed to assist individuals with insomnia or anxiety. These blankets are uniquely heavier than standard blankets, providing a sensation akin to being hugged, known as deep pressure stimulation (DPS).

DPS activates the nervous system to promote feelings of calm and safety, thereby enhancing sleep quality without disrupting bodily functions. The benefits include:

⬆️ Increased serotonin levels, which promote relaxation.

⬆️ Increased melatonin production, facilitating easier sleep.

⬇️ Decreased cortisol levels, reducing stress.

Let the Science speak for itself!

We have done the research so you don't have to. Check out the studies below to see how science is backing the benefits of our weighted blanket.

78% of Trial Users Satisfied

This paper presents the results of a concurrent, nested, mixed methods exploratory study on the safety and effectiveness of the use of a weighted blanket with a sample size of 32 adults. The study showed a 63% decrease in anxiety after use and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality.

- 2018 Study at the University of Massachusetts

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26x Decrease in Insomnia

Results of the randomized, controlled study show that participants using the weighted blanket for four weeks reported significantly reduced insomnia severity, better sleep maintenance, a higher daytime activity level, and reduced symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety.

- Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

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Anxiety Relief

A study conducted at Spencer Hospital in Iowa investigated the safety and effectiveness of weighted blankets in patients with signs and symptoms of anxiety. The findings demonstrated that weighted blankets effectively reduce anxiety.

- 2017 Study by Northwestern College

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Eco Friendly Glass Beads: They Put The Weight in Weighted Blankets.

At the heart of our meticulously designed weighted blanket are high-density, eco-friendly glass beads, providing the perfect amount of weight for a soothing and calming embrace. These beads are expertly encapsulated within seven luxurious layers. The outermost layers of 100% cotton offer a soft, breathable touch that is gentle on the skin. Beneath the cotton, plush breathable microfibre layers ensure optimal airflow, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Sandwiched between these are eco-friendly non-glue padding layers, adding an extra touch of comfort and ensuring even weight distribution. This careful layering culminates in the glass beads, strategically placed to deliver the ideal balance of comfort and weight. Our blanket is OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing it is free from harmful substances and safe for all skin types. Experience the unparalleled comfort and tranquility of our weighted blanket, where every layer is designed to enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being.

Additional Research

Click on the descriptions to be directed to the linked study.

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3: Weighted Blankets Proven Effective for Insomnia and Daytime Symptoms in Patients with Mood and Anxiety Disorders
4: The Effects of Deep Pressure Touch on Anxiety
5: Physiological Effects of Deep Touch Pressure on Anxiety Alleviation: The Weighted Blanket Approach
6: Exploring the Safety and Therapeutic Effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation Using a Weighted Blanket
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